Purchase Cost Analysis

Calculate your net monthly cost of ownership based on the following parameters:
  • Anticipated Purchase Price
  • Interest rate for a 30 year loan
  • Amount of down payment
  • Common Charges & Property Tax for Condos or Maintenance & % of Maintenance Tax Deductibility for Coops
  • Your income tax bracket

Please fill in all required fields so the system can calculate your monthly net cost.
Notes: For Condo Use the Maintenance and Property Tax Fields (Tax Deductible maintenance is 0).
For Coops Use Maintenance and Tax Deductible Maintenance (Property Tax is 0).

Purchase Price $ Maintenance/CC's $
Downpayment $ Tax Deductible Maintenance
Mortgage Amount
$ 100,000.00
Property Tax $
Mortgage Rate Income Tax bracket
Mortgage Payment
$ 665.30
Mortgage Interest
$ 583.33
Maintenance Payment
$ 750.00
Deductible Maintenance
$ 150.00
Tax Payment
$ 0.00
Property Taxes
$ 0.00
Total Expenses
$ 1,415.30
Total Tax Deductible
$ 733.33
Total Tax Saving
$ 293.33
Net Monthly Cost
$ 1,121.97
Net Monthly Expense*
$ 1,040.00
* Monthly cost less repayment of principal on mortgage.
The information displayed on this page is for informational purposes only. Please consult an accountant or tax professional for an accurate evaluation of potential costs and expenses. No representation is made as to the accuracy thereof, and such information is subject to errors, omission or change of price.